More Than a Faceless Figurine…

 More Than Just a Faceless Figurine

Surrounded By Love Figurine Willow Tree figurines are beautiful handcrafted sculptures which mostly depict people, animals and objects from everyday life, representing human virtues and emotions.

These figurines are quite exclusive and make the perfect decorative items in a minimal and contemporary style home. What Susan Lordi, the creator of Willow Tree Figurines, tries to do with these figurines is capture cherished moments and emotions that people hold dear. Emotions that are commonly expressed are captured beautifully in the Willow Tree Collectibles.

The creation of the figurines continues today and will continue for long time, as the creator uncovers even more emotions that her loyal followers want to express. The emotions represented by the sculptures have a purity that conveys the hope, love and strength that is lovingly and expertly carved in to each individual figurine.
Each sculpture is created to imply elegance, grace and beauty, and the emotions within each piece are expressed through the figures gestures alone.

With the huge variety of forms and the pleasant emotions they stir within the viewer, it’s no wonder Willow Tree Figurines keep growing in popularity.

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