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More Than Just a Faceless Figurine

Willow Tree figurines mostly depict animals and objects from nature which represent metaphors to depict human virtues. These figurines are quite exclusive and make the perfect decorative items in a minimal and contemporary style home. What Susan Lordi, the creator of Willow Tree Figurines, tries to do with these figurines is capture cherished moments and emotions that people hold dear. Emotions that are commonly expressed are captured beautifully in the Willow Tree Collectibles.

The creation of the figurines continues today and will continue for long time, as the creator uncovers even more emotions that her loyal followers want to express. The emotions represented by the sculptures have a purity that conveys the hope, love and strength that is lovingly and expertly carved in to each individual figurine. Each sculpture is created to imply elegance, grace and beauty, and the emotions within each piece are expressed through the figures gestures alone. With the huge variety of forms and the pleasant emotions they stir within the viewer, it’s no wonder Willow Tree Figurines keep growing in popularity.

Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The nativity set is a way to experience this extraordinary event. Susan Lordi, the designer of Willow Tree figures, exploits the subtleties of body language and gestures to evoke the emotions felt during the Christmas season.


If you already have a Willow Tree Nativity Set, there are additional figurines that can be added. The Shepherd and Stable Animals set includes a camel, a sheep with two lambs, and the shepherd.



Willow Tree’s Quietly Figurine

26100_540x540“Quietly encircled by love..”I’ve learned, as a mother, sister, daughter, wife, that the communication of touch can be very healing, not only for the receiver but for the giver. Quietly is meant to be a very calming piece, especially for a mom. A lot of people think this piece is a mother with two boys, but I see it as either. ( actually, my models were two little girls with short hair!) – Susan Lordi

The willow wood is soft in texture and is mostly used as ornamental trees. Moreover, the wood is very soft and can be easily grafted into beautiful sculptures. Due to this attribute of the willow wood, it is used to model the Willow Tree Figures.

Each of the tree Figures has their own distinct technique of elaborating the message they intend to pass. The models do not have a face, yet they express their feelings pretty well. These are some of the best gifts that you can give to the one who can cherish your memories. These Tree Figures are said to be invented by Susan Lordi. Even today, she does not have any employees under her head and she grafts, models and paints these sculptures all by herself. The act of manufacture of willow tree shape began in 2000 and the business and trend has flourished to exquisite popularity since then.

Angel of Healing

The slim figure of the models resemble to the willow tree bark. The face has no carvings and it is upon the receiver to interpret them the way they like to.

These tree figures are the most suitable gifts for any occasion. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday, New Year is some of the occasions when you can gift your dear ones of these tree figures and see the charm on their faces. Let me now talk about each of the collections of Willow Tree Figures in detail:

• Wedding Collection: This particular category of Willow Tree Figures was launched in the market in 2008. Since then it has gained enormous fame for itself and also for the manufacturer. The various names that run under this category are Loving Angel, Angel of the Heart, Embrace and The Promise. The Promise is the best seller among them all. You will also get a guest notification booklet and a photo album for the couple with the figure. This album has a picture of the willow tree body on its top.

• The Angel Collection: This is the first of the collections of the manufacturer and she stuck to it since then, owing to its reputation. The popular willow tree figures in this category are Angel of Healing, Angel of Learning, Angel of Friendship, Angel of Prayer and Angel of Freedom.

• The Christmas Collection: The best and the most widely sold willow tree shape come from this collection. You can find them everywhere on Christmas Eve. The most popular of their models is the Willow Tree Nativity Scene. This shows the birth of the Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, Father Joseph, Sheep, Children, Stars above and The Three Kings with gifts in their hands. The most recent of the collection is the Christmas Story which shows Mother Mary clutching The Lord Himself.

The result of incessant human endeavor to go above the rest gets clearly visible in the willow figures. It’s interesting and intriguing to see these willow figurines coming to life with the sculptor’s knife. If you want to purchase one and to know more about charm bracelets, visit collectables.co.uk.


Promise| Willow Tree Together
Willow Tree Figures are the ultimate expression of love, caring and affection. Find the perfect one from the wide assortment of Willow Tree Figures Available.

Willow Tree Figures

Every piece in the willow tree figures collection, created by renowned artist Susan Lordi, is hand carved. When examining her Willow Tree Figures, you can easily see that she does an excellent job at capturing those ever so precious moments in time. Feelings of love, caring and sentiment are all expressed within the figures. Susan Lordi is able to capture these moments by using friends and family as models and inspiration for her willow tree figures.

These small, yet powerful expressions of love and affection were brought to market back in the year of 2000, over 10 years in existence tells you that Willow Tree Figures are very popular and here to stay. Since the early beginnings of them being first introduced, the collection has grown to accommodate emotions and sentiments that most people want to vividly express yet may have a hard time putting those feelings into the correct words and phrases. Everyone from our friends, family and other loved ones can find beautiful meaning in each figurine. Each of the Willow Tree Figures helps us with these expressions. They are the perfect gesture to assist all of us in showing how much we care and that we treasure our relationship with those who receive them. The great thing about Susan Lordi is that she is easily able to identify deep emotions and carves each piece to perfectly represent them.

Willow Tree Friendship FigurineSo why did Susan Lordi name the line Willow Tree? This name was selected because it is a representation of gesture. Much like a tree, each of the Willow Tree figures are designed to be columnar and many times include objects that are natural, even different animals that can be perceived as metaphors for the human qualities people have. They are carefully carved and sculpted from a special type of sculpting clay, casted in resin which is cured and finally painted by hand.

When you are in possession of one of these prized Willow Tree Figures, you will want to make sure you take great care of them. Because they are made of resin, these Willow Tree Figures, although very solid, can be broken if dropped. The great thing is that if you do happen to accidentally break one of these precious figures, they can be repaired at home. Use a 2 part epoxy over any other type of glue or bonding agent to put the pieces of your Willow Tree Figures back together.

Although no central catalog is available to view all Willow Tree Figures in existence, you will certainly find many of them on the Internet simply by searching for them. If you are looking for a gift for that special someone or just want to show someone in your life that you genuinely care, you can definitely find the perfect sentiment by browsing these beautiful Willow Tree Figures.

Grandmother Figurine

“A unique love that transcends the years..”


The Grandmother figurine is one of Willow Tree’s most popular collectibles. This beautiful figurine makes a perfect gift for a grandmother. If you are a newly mother or father, give this to your mother to celebrate her becoming a grandma! :) Or (if you are like me) you can add this to your Willow Tree collection.

  • Size: 5″ tall
  • Message reads “A unique love that transcends the years.”
  • Introduced in Jan 2002
  • Model # 26072

Willow Tree Keepsake

’Kept forever in the Heart’ Willow Tree figures manage to speak in quiet and meaningful ways of healing and hope, love and family. These figurines work beautifully in groupings with formats such as Photo Frames and Memory Boxes. Willow Tree captures moments in time, and turns them into lifelong memories….

There are very many to choose from, and they all have special names such as the Angel of Love, the Angel of Freedom, the Angel of Hope, etc. etc. 14 of the angels, are no longer being made. Many admirers have been collectors since the first angels were introduced, and have bought each angel as and when it was launched.

If you have managed to collect the entire set of angels, you are very fortunate, many people who start collecting Willow Tree Figurines late have struggled to find some of the retired pieces, but they do become available every now and then.

Here is a list of the currently retired Angels

Angel of Giving 2001
Angel of Hearth 2001
Angel of Joy 2001
Angel of Love 2001
Angel of Song 2001
Angel of Strength 2001
Angel of Comfort 2003
Angel of Light 2003
Angel of Patience 2003
Angel of Protection 2003
Angel of Beauty 2004
Angel of Freedom 2004
Angel of Kindness 2004
Angel of Christmas Spirit 2006

If you are collecting the Willow Tree Figurines, hopefully this list will help you in your search. If you can’t find them right away, don’t give up! Every once in awhile retired pieces will show up for sale. And when they do, I will post where you can find them on this website.


Willow Tree Figures

Renowned artist Susan Lordi is famous for her creation of different emotions and times through the use of handcrafted Willow Tree Figurines. This craft was introduced by the famous artist in the year 2000 and since its inception in January of that year the craft and the brand has grown manifold and reached epic proportions of popularity on the local and international level.


The aim of artist Susan Lordi is to replicate and capture the cherished times and different moments which are dear to people and also replicate the emotions felt at events that are life altering.

Emotions that are commonly expressed and are important for human beings are captured beautifully in the Willow Tree Figurines.

The aim of using this brand name of the willow tree actually suggests the beckoning and the gestures of the willow tree figurines which are collectable items.

Each of the pieces which are cast by artist Susan Lordi is made out of original and hand crafted sculptures which are then painted and finished by hand.

The Willow Tree figurines and ornaments mostly depict animals and objects from nature which represent metaphors to depict human virtues. There are different themes which are inspired by arts like modern dance and ballet along with elements from nature.

As the personal touch most of the sculptures are created by the artist Susan Lordi when she has her friends and family sit for her at the time of sculpting a new inspiration. The willow tree figurines are quite exclusive and make the perfect curio’s decorative items in a minimal and contemporary style home. Over the years his popularity has increased for the sheer fact that they represent traditional holidays, emotions and life altering yet happy events in a pristine and crisp manner.

Among the different kinds of Willow tree figurines available as part of an exclusive and short production runs by the artist one of the most famous willow tree figurines titled A Tree A Prayer is handcrafted to signify a prayer for peace, beauty and strength in each day. There are different angels who signify the prayer for a caring, strength, friendship and freedom along with nurturing the heart.

From the range of willow trees sculptured products includes the friendship memory box. This has an aged vintage finish with the wooden cover depicting the image of two friends crouched in front of each other and lost in thought. This concept is taken further in the production of unique memory boxes to commemorate family events, provide comfort during grief or send an embrace to a loved one. read more at blog