“Angel of Healing” Figurine

For those who give comfort with caring and tenderness..

Angel of HealingThis figurine represents the miracle of healing. A wonderful gift for a loved one recovering from an illness. Healing comes in many forms other than sickness. This can make a great memento of the need to heal ourselves from negative thoughts and emotions, to heal our spirits.

Some must also heal from an experience. A bad experience may take many months, even years to mentally heal from. They say time heals all, but the time can seem like an eternity. For you or a loved one this can serve as a constant reminder that things will eventually get better, through the blessing of healing.

“When I created it, I was thinking about the idea of fragility and how we sometimes need to heal our inside — our soul. A bird is so fragile and vulnerable … a metaphor for our inner feelings. This piece helped define Willow Tree.” -Susan Lordi

Product information

  • Willow Tree “Angel of Healing” Figurine
  • Gift card reads: For those who give comfort with caring and tenderness
  • Size: 5″ Tall
  • Released January 2000
  • Item # 26020

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“Promise” Figurine

Hold dear the promise of love..

PromiseThis figurine is a representation of promise. A promise of commitment, a promise of going through the bad times with the good. If you’re looking for a wedding gift, or just something to serve as a reminder of that special day, this figurine would be perfect. This figurine will forever serve as a reminder of that promise you both have bad, to love each other until death do part.

“I carved this piece so that it could be viewed ‘in the round’. You get a different understanding depending on how you turn the piece. If you view from the side where you can see the man and woman’s arms around each other, it looks like they’re kissing. If you turn it and view it from where you can see their faces and clasped hands, it looks like they’re dancing — and it’s a totally different piece. I like this duality of interpretation.” -Susan Lordi

Product information

  • Willow Tree “Promise” Figurine
  • Gift card reads: Hold dear the promise of love
  • Size: About 9″ Tall
  • Released May 27, 2004
  • Item # 26121


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“Our Gift” Figurine

Our bright, joyful gift..

Our giftThis figurine is a representation of the start of a family. Displaying two parents holding their baby child in their arms, with the Mother gently kissing his forehead. This would make a great gift for a friend or family member you know who has just had a baby, or are about to give birth. The “Our Gift” Willow Tree figurine will serve as a symbolic representation of the day their young one was born. Every time the parent looks upon this figurine, the symbol of new family beginnings will spring back in their minds. Nothing quite like that beginnings moment of parenthood when you look into your child’s eyes for the first time.

““I remember when we brought our first-born home, and walked into our house. I had an overwhelming sense of fulfillment — it seemed like our whole house was warm and full of light. When you bring a new baby home, all of a sudden you understand the excitement of being a family — this, now, is your family. It’s the start of something wonderful and new, and that, in and of itself, is a joyful gift.”” -Susan Lordi

Product information

  • Willow Tree “Our Gift” Figurine
  • Gift card reads: Our bright, joyful gift
  • Size: About 8.5″ Tall
  • Released May 18, 2007
  • Item # 26181

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“Friendship” Figurine

Friendship is the sweetest gift…

Willow Tree Friendship Figurine
This Willow Tree figurine represents friendship and personal bonds. The figurine depicts a woman holding bouquet of flowers lovingly on her chest. A friendship should never be taken for granted, it truly is one of the world’s sweetests gifts. If you have a friend that you want to express your feelings to, giving the friendship figurine is a great way – a great reminder of what a true and meaningful friendship really is.

“Willow Tree figurines are an intimate, personal line of figurative sculptures representing qualities and sentiments that help us feel close to others, heal wounds or treasure relationships. Susan Lordi, the artist of these sculptures, carves each original piece with this thought in mind.”

Product information

  • Willow Tree “Friendship” Figurine
  • Gift card reads: Friendship is the sweetest gift
  • Size: 5.5″ Tall
  • Released Mar 31, 2006
  • Item # 26155
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“Happiness” Figurine

Free to sing, laugh, dance… create!

Willow Tree Happiness Figurine
Of all things in life to desire, happiness itself should be above all. What good are riches without happiness? You can gain the whole world and lose your soul, your satisfaction of life – always pursue what makes you happy. This figurine makes a wonderful reminder. Displaying a girl embracing life with three blue birds on her arms. This figurine makes you ask yourself the question…What makes you happy? Learning? Singing? Dancing? …Creating? Whatever it is that makes you happy, pursue it as if your life depends on it – because it does.

“I hope this piece is very open to viewer interpretation. For me, it is the pure joy that comes from creating — in all of its forms. A side note … I love bluebirds.” -Susan Lordi
Product information

  • Willow Tree “Happiness” Figurine
  • Gift card reads: Free to sing, laugh, dance… create!
  • Size: 5.5″ Tall
  • Released Aug 1, 2005
  • Item # 26130
  • Available via Amazon


“My Sister, My Friend” Figurine

Walk with me and along the way, we’ll share everything..

my sister, my friend
There is nothing like the bond between two sisters. Sure, some sibling relationships go down hill for awhile. You can be angry or discontented with your sister, but the bond you share is everlasting. Whether you are a sister trying to mend a broken relationship between you and your sister, or you just want to show her how much you care – this figurine makes the perfect gift.

“A sister can save your life. A safety net. You never laugh harder than when you’re laughing with your sisters… or very close dear friends. You share the same history; the inside jokes that no one else would understand in the same way. A sister knows your faults and somehow puts up with them, and loves you in spite of them…” -Susan Lordi
Product information

  • Willow Tree “My Sister, My Friend” Figurine
  • Gift card reads: Walk with me and along the way, we’ll share everything
  • Size: About 8.5″ Tall
  • Released Jan 2, 2012
  • Item # 27095
  • Available via Amazon


“Forget Me Not” Figurine

Holding thoughts of you closely..


Forget me not Willow Tree figurineNone of us want to be taken for granted, but maybe more than that we don’t want to be forgotten. Will you remember me when I’m gone? If I were to leave and never come back, would you still think of me? Answer these questions for a loved one by buying this “forget me not” figurine. A wonderful representation of remembrance and appreciation. Whenever your friend or family member feels under-appreciated or maybe even worthless at times, looking upon this figurine will remind them that you have them in your thoughts – and who they are is known and will not be forgotten.

“Forget-me-not is a thinking of you piece, with a universal message. She represents timeless friendship and love that spans any distance.” -Susan Lordi

Product information

  • Willow Tree “Forget Me Not” Figurine
  • Gift card reads: Holding thoughts of you closely
  • Size: About 5″ Tall
  • Released May 28, 2012
  • Item # 27267
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“Kindness (Boy)” Figurine

Above all, kindness..


WillowTree Kindness Boy FigurineThis Willow Tree figurine, is a symbol of Kindness – represented by a boy bonding with his pet. As we and the world grows older & colder, we mustn’t forget about the virtue of kindness. It is easy to see the worst in people but the human condition has the potential for both great evil, and great good. One simple, small act of kindness towards someone with a negative outlook can be enough turn their life around – and they in turn may become motivated to do the same, causing a snowball effect of Kindness that this world desperately needs. We mustn’t forget the virtue of Kindness, and the power it holds.

“I really like the simplicity and truth of this sentiment, Above all, kindness. Kindness is a virtue that gives us so much reward, and one we aspire to. The animal that the child holds can be metaphorical (who better to teach us about kindness than animals?) or the figure can simply represent a loving relationship with a pet.” -Susan Lordi

Product information

  • Willow Tree “Kindness (Boy)” Figurine
  • Gift card reads: Above all, kindness
  • Size: About 3″ Tall
  • Released in 2009
  • Item # 26217
  • Available via Amazon


“Remembrance” Figurine

Memories hold each one safely in your heart..


Angel of ReembranceThis figurine represents the often overlooked gift of our memories. A moment isn’t truly cherished until it becomes a memory. And so the Angel of Remembrance is displayed holding her hands close to her hear, to remind us of our most cherished memories and that we should hold them close to our hearts – especially those memories with loved ones.

“This piece is all about memories – how warm, comforting memories help us to heal when we’re missing someone. If you look closely at the carved icons on her dress, each recalls a memory by appealing to our senses…touch, scent, taste, sound, sight. We keep these personal memories safe within us, connecting us to those we love.” -Susan Lordi

Product information

  • Willow Tree “Remembrance” Figurine
  • Gift card reads: Memories hold each one safely in your heart
  • Size: About 5″ Tall
  • Released Summer 2001
  • Item # 26247
  • Available via Amazon


Willow Tree “Angel of Friendship” Figurine

For those who share the spirit of friendship..


Angel of Friendship

This figurine represents the bond of friendship, whether that be with a person, a family member or even an animal – such as the one displayed by the figurine, affectionately embracing a small puppy.

This figurine makes a particularly great gift for a close friend – a gift that is both thoughtful and sentimental. As the figurine lay dormant, your friend will think of you everytime they see it and be reminded of the bond of friendship that has grown, and continues to grow, between the two of you.

Product information

  • Angel of Friendship Figurine
  • Gift card reads: For those who share the spirit of friendship
  • Size: About 5″ Tall
  • Released Jan 2000
  • Item # 26011
  • Available via Amazon